Stowe Vermont Hot Air Balloon Festival


Stowe Festival - Hot Air Balloons

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  1. Hi, not sure how to get in touch with you.. I googled hot air balloon Vt. beacuse I was trying to post a picture for a contest on FB… this is my favorite photo and since you have a share link for FB I thought it would be ok to use the photo.. So I cut and pasted.. Just wanted you to know!.. I am a Vermont native who has lived in Cali for 30 years.. You have captured my homeland so brilliantly.. WOW.. A virtual tour. You are a very talented photographer… I will definetly tell my Dad who still lives there to check out your site..
    Cheryl Newton

    • Cheryl – I am happy you found the photos. I have no problem sharing them with people like you. I love photography so am glad you appreciate my “amateur” pics! The festival will run again next month and I look forward to taking new photos. Thank you again for your very nice words!

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