Stowe VT Winter Storm


Stowe was nailed with approximately 27-30″ of snow on March 7th, 2011. I don’t know anyone who was prepared for this one. The next day though, was beautiful. The challenge was getting out of our driveways. Here are a couple of shots I took.

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  1. Teresa- My name is Dave Myers and I layout the bulletin covers for Marylu Durrett, secretary at Stowe Community church. I would like permission to use your photo of the church taken in March of 2011 after the big snow storm. This is for Sunday, March 30th only. It will not be used for any other reason without your permission. We do give photo credit and contact information for the photographer in the bulletin on the Sunday the photo is used. Thanks in advance. Feel free to contact me or Marylu at the church at 253-7257. Best regards- Dave

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